About Lummbo

Lummbo is a leather goods brand founded by Özlem Barın and developed with an aim to make you happy with its timeless products that can be carried comfortably from day to night and adapt to any environment with its design and quality. 

This passion of Özlem was inherited from her grandfather, who produced handmade leather shoes in his atelier for many years. Adhering to the tradition, all leather products are completely handmade and produced with care and passion without sacrificing quality and during production process traditional saddlery tools and techniques are used. 

To maintain the leather's integrity, all products have reinforced edges. This way all products will look good and stay strong forever.

Generally, you won’t typically find the logo on the front of the products. That space is for you to find the personalization method that fits your style, from classic Deboss or artistic Hand Paints.

The result is a collection of "Comfortable, functional and enjoyable" items that are made to last which will become more beautiful as you use them.






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