Tirski, GINKGO Wallet In Natural
Tirski, GINKGO Wallet In Natural
Tirski, GINKGO Wallet In Natural
Tirski, GINKGO Wallet In Natural
Tirski, GINKGO Wallet In Natural
Tirski, GINKGO Wallet In Natural
Tirski, GINKGO Wallet In Natural

Lummbo, GINKGO Wallet In Natural

Product Details


  • Full grain leather
  • 7.5cm H x 11cm W x 1.9cm
  • Available for Personalization
  • Has a main pocket that is simply perfect for cash and a few essential cards
  • 2 front pockets for your most used cards
  • Beautifully Gift Boxed

Style Notes

This wallet has just enough room for all you need, with none of the excess storage for what you don't. The ideal slim silhouette makes it a continual pick for you. The design comfortably fits in your front or back pocket. With all the usual storage you need, on the front side of your wallet, there are two openings where you can store your credit, debit or travel cards. Other cards, bills and coins can be placed in the main pocket and please don't forget to place the coins behind the cards so as you are able access them by sliding down from the back cover. Thin design will keep your most important items close by and easy to grab on the go.

PS: Humor should never be missing from our lives. While designing the wallets, I was inspired by a story told by a dear friend.
This is about the design of the covers of the Ginkgo Wallets. The fascinating story of a single leaf of a very long-lived and gigantic tree, named Ginkgo Biloba, has enabled the same wallet to be produced in designs with right and left covers.

Ginkgo Biloba tree leaves used to be the symbol of lovers. Two lovers would divide a leaf in to two and keep it as an expression of their love. Tirski wallets are designed as right and left covers to give this feeling. For those who are the same but different to meet, to bring this to life, to come together every day and remember that they are a part of the whole and to be one.

Another piece of information concerns left-handies. Left flap wallets can be great for left-handers to feel themselves special. 

Also, it's known that how some small changes we make in our habits can benefit our brain. Sometimes we can do this by walking backwards like children, and sometimes by drinking our soup with our other hand. Or you can open your wallet with your other hand.

Please do not skip this detail in your wallet orders and do not forget to specify the cover direction of your wallet as right or left. Unspecified requests will be sent according to stock availability.








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